Fifteen Steps to keep your system protected

15 Steps To Keep Your System Protected  

1. Don’t store important data only on PC.
2. A must have 2 backups of data: on an external hard drive and in the cloud – Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.
3. The Dropbox/Google Drive/Mega/etc. application on computer are not turned on by default. Open them once a day, to sync data, and close them once this is done.
4. Operating system and the Software Must be up to date, including the latest security updates.
5. For daily use, Don’t use an administrator account on my computer.Use a guest account with limited privileges.
6. Turn off macros in the Microsoft Office suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
In the browser
7. Remove the following plugins from browsers: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and Silverlight. If u absolutely have to use them, Set the browser to ask me if I want to activate these plugins when needed.
8. Adjust browsers’ security and privacy settings for increased protection.
9. Remove outdated plugins and add-ons from browsers.
10. Use an ad blocker to avoid the threat of potentially malicious ads.

Online behavior

11. Never open spam emails or emails from unknown senders.
12. Never download attachments from spam emails or suspicious emails.
13. Never click links in spam emails or suspicious emails.

I hope after reading this you will start following these steps!

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