BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 Ethical Hacking Distro Released With 100+ New ToolsB

BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20
BlackArch Linux 2016

BlackArch Linux is a popular penetration testing and ethical hacking operating system that’s based on Arch Linux. The users have the option to install all the hacking tools individually or in groups. Also, the existing Arch Linux users can convert their installation into a BlackArch Linux distro.BlackArch, which is often listed as one of the alternatives to Kali Linux, is a relatively newer project. But, in a short period of time, its software repository has become a home to 1612 tools. Now, BlackArch project is here with BlackArch Linux 2016-12-20 ISO images.

BlackArch 2016.12.20 comes with 100+ new tools

The updated ISOs, which are available for both 64-bit and 32-bit deployments, take about 6.2GB space. This release also ships with the new Linux 4.8 kernel. The complete ChangeLog is:
  • linux kernel 4.8.13
  • lxdm shutdown/reboot issue fix
  • userland clean-ups
  • addition of 100+ tools
  • all BlackArch tools updated
  • all system packages updated
In this update, the menus of window manager (Openbox, Fluxbox, and Awesome) have been updated and polished.
Prior to these changes, last month, BlackArch was updated with many new tools like Dracnmap, OpenDoor, WAFNinja, Hoper etc.

BlackArch download and installation:

The interested users can install BlackArch Linux in three different ways. First, they can install it on top of Arch Linux by running few commands. Second, one can download the ISO and use a live system. Third, the users can use an installer that comes with ISO to install BlackArch from the scratch.
The users also have the option to grab the lightweight net install ISO image for bootstrapping machines.


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