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Keep calm and don't talk to strangers online

We teach our kids not to talk to strangers, something we learned ourselves as children. Even as adults, we use caution and common sense if approached by an unknown person on the street. But what about on the internet? Are we being equally careful with virtual strangers we meet there? At least initially, every exchange and everything we do online should be considered a ‘stranger’ encounter. That’s because when we connect online, we aren’t speaking face-to-face or stepping into an office, something that in the real world allows us to know whether we are interacting with a stranger or not. But how often, when conducting business with a bank or some other entity’s website, do we confirm their identity by making sure the website is using TLS? A website that’s not secured using a TLS certificate might as well be the stranger your child is taught to avoid on the playground. It’s not okay in the real world, and it’s equally unsafe online. That’s why, whenever we transact online, we need to verify …

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